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Mukono John

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The Nissi Project Executive Director, Uganda

Nolan Windholz

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The Nissi Project President, United States

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Thank you to the many friends who have sponsored our missions work throughout the years. Gifts both large and small were absolutely critical in my being able to travel and preach the gospel throughout the earth. With each year comes favor, growth and more challenges. The Masese Slums near Jinja need a Kingdom of God Presence. While some missionaries visit Masese, the vision for Nissi Project is to save and transform a largely neglected community.

A people living in Darkness have seen a Great Light. The gospel saves and lifts people as a Pottery lifts clay from the pit. Once in his hands the clay is given a firm place to stand. With Christ within, a new form takes shape in both the individual and community. All things of heaven take shape within the hearts. Dignity, value, purpose and beauty are imparted to the souls once lost. I know this to be my testimony. Now i see that same gospel transforming the earth. One home, one village, one nation at a time. Won't you help us continue this good work?

Nolan Windholz

The Nissi Project President

United States

Prayer and worship time at The Nissi Project.