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Our  scope is to Help Orphaned, Poor and Exploited children, including disabled children, in particular those living in vulnerable communities. This is achieved through providing, promoting and advancing children’s rights to basic necessities, including education, basic support, legal, nutritional and health care, aimed at sustaining their long-term development. “We cannot all do great things for the suffering children in the country, but do the small things that we do with great love”


THE NISSI PROJECT UGANDA supports sustainable developmental work, and in the communities where we have a presence. We offer and advocate for relief whenever our partners need our support. THE NISSI PROJECT UGANDA does and will stay engaged in these communities as long as there is a need for our support and when our available resources allow it.



In the coming years, we aim to scale up the number of children we reach.


We commit to provide them with quality services, offer protection and help them to meet their basic needs.


Through a holistic approach we aim to empower the communities where our targeted children live, so that they can become self-reliant and can sustainably take care of their entire families.


We do not want to encourage institutions. Indeed, we promote de-institutionalization of children wherever practical and encourage the
development of alternative care including placement within a family environment. We do however recognize the role that some formal care can have when working with children with complex needs and are committed to reviewing this in the context of work and the needs of the children we work with.

THE NISSI PROJECT UGANDA will continue to be a volunteer led charity. However, through the years to come and the journey of growth, THE NISSI PROJECT UGANDA shall become an organization where staff and volunteers work together.

THE NISSI PROJECT UGANDA commits to improve its HR systems and policies and produce a Staff and Volunteer Handbook that will contain all policies necessary to manage staff and volunteers. While the vision bearers and enormous contributions volunteers make will never be underestimated nor overlooked and volunteers will be encouraged and nurtured, THE NISSI PROJECT UGANDA realizes that in order to have a well-functioning organization, the efforts, commitment and contributions of its staff need to be adequately managed and rewarded.

Staff development and training is at the heart of our strategy and will be aimed at maintaining and enhancing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and effectiveness of staff, assisting them to meet more fully their own needs and goals, and preparing them to fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

We will provide opportunities for regular reflection on, and evaluation of, goals and activities in the context of career development, the realization of individual potential and of the overall aims and objectives of the charity.

We intend to put in place a training budget in order to provide funding for staff to attend relevant courses and workshops outside the charity where such attendance will contribute to the individual’s work or area of work and the work of the charity. We believe that at the heart of staff training and development will be the process of reflection on current and future work and development possibilities, through an appraisal mechanism.



We bring the highest ethical standards to all our decisions and actions.


We look for innovative ways to minimize our costs and maximize our effectiveness and impact.

Transparency & Account


We focus on the positive difference we can make to children’s lives and celebrate success.

We focus on the positive difference we can make to children’s lives and celebrate success.


We work collaboratively with our local and international partners, and value their knowledge, priorities and recommendations. We believe that by joining our efforts with local initiatives we can make a real difference!



We have come a long way over the past years. The coming years are vitally important in allowing us to continue to shape, scale and develop effective services and extend our influence so that we can help more and more children.

Mukono John

The Nissi Project President

Jinja, Uganda


And help us bring Jesus to Jinja.