The Beginnings, Growth and Change: A Message From The Nissi Project President, Nolan Windholtz

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

In My life, God "Yahweh" is my potter. 

"Then the word of the Lord came to me.He said, “Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?” declares the Lord. “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel."  Jer 18:5-6

The beginnings

I had been a potter since my college days which occurred sometime in the latter part of last century.  Haha, okay that would be the Fall of 1986. Being an art student, pottery was simply a class I was required to take. Becoming a potter was nowhere on my life's radar screen.  God, however, had other plans as this was exactly the same time in my life He decided He needed a specific type of clay for a specific purpose.  Resulting in my radical Christian salvation experience.  

Fast forward to 2012

I have now been a potter and minister of the gospel for twenty-five years.  I had accomplished quite a bit in retrospect.  I was the founded Round Tree Pottery in Panama City Fl and had already made several itinerate missionary journeys throughout Russia and eastern Europe.  In 2012 I had met a missionary couple who had been doing good work in the east African nation of Uganda.  They invited me to Uganda in the summer of 2013.  I went and it was a great experience.

The message of clay being transformed in God's Hands was met with great appreciation as Uganda.”

In Uganda, I worked primarily out of the city of Jinja, Uganda's second-largest city.  While exploring Jinja i was surprised to not find a single potter working in the city. So the Lord spoke to me to come back to Jinja and start a pottery studio.  And that is what I did for the next six trips I brought pottery wheels, built kilns and developed a line of products to sell in local gift shops.  All this while continuing to minister in churches, schools and participate in evangelistic crusades. 

The Lord blessed my time in Uganda and each year favor was shown and responsibilities were increased.

In the Spring of 2019, I was introduced to a fledgling orphanage called Nissi Project.  I was staying in a suburb of Jinja called Walukaba at a home where Nissi Project was operating out of.   Every day I saw about a dozen children being cared howbeit with meager resources, to say the least.  

At Nissi we have been working hand in hand with government oversight to ensure proper use of funds.   

John and Sylvia are devoted Christians who are called by God to serve the poor children of Uganda.  They demonstrate a special gift of connecting children with Jesus in a real and powerful way.  I was blown away.  

Prayer, praise, and worship are how each day begins at Nissi.  It is also how each day ends. Being in the presence of children who are passionate worshippers of Jesus was both humbling and inspiring. 

"We can do more",  "We can be more" became the theme of my Fall mission trip of 2019.  While operating out of The Nissi Project Home a revival began which left me wishing I could remain.  Many people, both children, and adults came to Nissi to hear about Jesus, receive Jesus and become born-again. It was an awesome time.  The highlight of my trip was the two baptism services that were made on my last two weekends in Uganda.  At the first service, held at the Nile River we baptised thirty people.  A week later we baptised another thirty at Lake Victoria. Simply a glorious time in the Lord. 

The revival continued without me.  Still more come to Nissi Project seeking the Lord.  Such growth does come with its share of troubles as many of the new converts, both children and adults came from Muslim homes that later barred them from returning.  Much stress was added to the labor of John and Sylvia as the number of children staying at Nissi more than doubled to thirty. 

On the bright side, changes are coming to Nissi Project.

Nissi Project, if it is to continue will have to change its mission type.  Moving away from  Orphanage to a School.  We simply have too many children living at Nissi to legally be classified as an orphanage under Uganda Law.  We have to change.   Like Clay in the hands of the potter, we must embrace growth and change as the Lord continues to smile upon the work there and add to it. 

Today, will you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child for $80 per month. This would cover their food, rent and schooling and help us reach Jinja for Jesus!

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