Meet Akaziya Nabongo

Name of caretaker: Nissi Home

Date of Birth: 2nd April 2012

Area of Residence: Walukuba

Class: Primary Two

Hobbies: Football and dancing


Nabongo is a shy boy and the 3 rd of 8, sharing a small old grass-thatched house with their grandmother who is ageing and unable to take care of her grandchildren since she is also dependant on well-wishers. All her siblings are out of school and her sisters have given birth to fellow children at a tender age. He likes schooling and we have attached him to a local community school but if support is realized, we would like to enroll him in a better school as he shows the potential of performing better.

Akaziya is a staunch member of the NISSI Church and would like to be a doctor when he grows up.



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